Home of the Grapevine LARP Administration Utility

Additional Program Features

Window Maintenance

The Window menu provides a few basic tools for working with Grapevine windows.

  • Show Toolbar. Uncheck this option to hide Grapevine’s graphical toolbar.
  • Maximize Current. The shortcut for this command is F11; use it to maximize a sizable window to the full extent of the Grapevine desktop.
  • Minimize All. Minimize all the windows on the Grapevine desktop.
  • Restore All. Restore all the minimized windows on the Grapevine desktop.
  • Close All. Close all the windows on the Grapevine desktop.
  • Current Windows List.   All the windows on the Grapevine desktop are listed here. Select one to jump to that window. If more than nine windows are open, a “More Windows…” option will open a dialog with the full list.


The Help menu directs you to information about the Grapevine program.

  • Grapevine Website. This will launch the Grapevine website in your web browser.
  • Grapevine Help Pages. The guide you’re reading now!
  • About. Learn more about the Grapevine program, about me (Adam Cerling), and about the people who helped make it all happen.

Quitting the Program

Choose “Exit” from the File menu to quit the Grapevine program. If you have made changes to your game file or to the menu file, you’ll be asked whether you want to save those changes.