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Counting Points on a Character

On the Experience tab of each character sheet is a small button labeled “Point Counting Aid.”  Click it to open a window designed to help with this task.

The point counting window opens with a list on the left of all the numbers on the sheet.  It guesses the number of points spent on Physical Traits, Abilities, Disciplines and so on, subtracts the points earned from Negative Traits and Flaws, and presents the estimated balance on the lower left. This number is probably way off.

The estimate is inaccurate because Grapevine can’t tell when Traits are gained through Advantages or Disadvantages, or when Disciplines cost extra for out-of-clan, or for levels of Lore that are granted for free in play. The next step, therefore, is to proceed down the list, correcting the numbers Grapevine has estimated. Click on an entry at left to see its Traits listed on the right. Below that listing is the number of points spent or earned: adjust the number until it is correct.

Do this with each item on the character sheet, and if your bookkeeping has been good, the total you arrive at should equal the total number of XP spent on the character. The scales balance, confirming your work.

Your balanced estimates cannot be saved — you’ll have to do the work again if you have reason to count the points on the character again.