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Data Exchange: Importing and Exporting

This command makes a window appear that you can use to save and load selected portions of Grapevine data. Use these “exchange files” to send information to other Grapevine users, or to load their data into your game.

Saving Selected Data

Ten tabs appear along the top of the window:  Game Settings, Players, Characters, Items, Rotes, Locations, Actions, Plots, Rumors, and Searches. The tab that is selected determines what is shown in the list below. The items in that list may each be selected or deselected with a click of the mouse. Buttons that help in the selection process include:

  • Select All. selects everything in the list.
  • Select None. deselects everything in the list.
  • Select Only. For players and characters, this selects all data that is matched by the search selected in the dropdown list below the button.
  • Select Associated. For players, this selects the characters associated with the players you’ve already selected. For characters, it selects the associated players, items, rotes and locations. For chronicle data (actions, plots and rumors), this will select the other chronicle data that they affect or are affected by.
  • Select Same Date. For actions and rumors, this selects the other actions or rumors that share a date with the selections.
  • Select Same Name. Also for act ions and rumors, this selects the other actions or rumors that share a character name or title with the selections.
  • Don’t Save text marked ST Only. This checkbox, if selected, edits out all text you’ve placed between the [ST] and [/ST] tags (or whatever you specify in your Game Options). Select this if you’re preparing an exchange file for a player.

Selections are preserved as you navigate from tab to tab. When you’ve selected everything you want to save, click the Save button. A window will appear where you can specify a filename. Everything you selected, but no other information, will be saved to that file. Other Grapevine users can then use Data Exchange to load that data into their game files.

This is a good way to send your players their character information or to coordinate responsibility for writing rumors amongst your Narrators.

Loading Data

Click the Load button and you’ll get a window from which you can choose a Grapevine exchange file to load. The information from that file will be imported into your game. If the danger of overwriting old information exists, you will be prompted for the action to take.