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Defining the Game World: Items

The World menu offers tools with which you can describe key locations and items in your game world.


Choose “Items…” to describe the equipment that fills the characters’ pockets (and jackets and trench coats). You will see a window with a list on the left naming all the items in your game. Click the name of any item to select it and display how many are in play. Three buttons are beside the item list:

  • Show Item. Displays the Item Card window where you can describe the item.
  • Add Item. After prompting you for a name, Grapevine adds a new item to the list and selects it.
  • Delete Item. Deletes the selected item from the game.

Selecting and item and clicking “Show Item” will display a window similar to a Character Sheet Window. You’ll find the following fields:

  • Name. The name of the item.
  • Basics Tab
    • Type. Its type, such as Equipment or Treasure. The arrows beside this field adjust the point rating of the item.
    • Subtype. What subtype of the item is, such as Ranged Weapon or Armor.
    • Bonus. The type of bonus it grants. The arrows beside the field adjust the number of Bonus Traits.
    • Level This can describe the level of equipment or just the number of Background points used to purchase it.
    • Damage/Armor. For weapons, the health levels in damage it will do and what type of damage it is (BashingLethal, or Aggravated). For armor, how many health levels it has.
    • Concealability. How easily the item can be hidden on one’s person.
    • Tempers. Some items have ratings in Gnosis, Quintessence, Glamour, etc.
    • Negative Traits. A list of the item’s Negative Traits.
    • Abilities. A list of the item’s special abilities.
  • Details Tab
    • Appearance. What the item looks like.
    • Powers. Describe here the magical or non-standard powers of the item.
    • Notes. Any extra information.
    • Availability. What levels of Influence it takes to get the equipment.
  • In Play Tab
    • Units in Play. This cross-references the characters that list this item as equipment — and how many times each. Select a character name and click the “Show Character” button to load its character sheet.
    • Last Modified. The date upon which this item was last edited.