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Experience Histories

Every character sheet also has a tab labeled “XP.” Clicking this tab displays the character’s current and unspent experience totals above a history of all its earnings and expenditures.

Note: The Experience tab is functionally identical to the Player Points tab in a Player Information window, only with a few more character-specific fields and menu options.

The following fields appear on the tab:

  • Experience Unspent. The experience the player has yet to spend on the character. If the “Enforce Experience Histories” option in your Game Settings is checked, the field is locked and can only be changed by editing the history. If the history is not being enforced, the field is freely editable.
  • Experience Earned. The total experience the character has earned. It is locked or editable in the same manner of the Experience Unspent field.
  • Point Counting Aid. This button opens a window that helps you total up the pointson a character.
  • Assigned Narrator. The Narrator assigned to this character, crucial for large games. The menu for this field is assembled from the player information you’ve supplied; namely, everyone who doesn’t hold the position of Player.
  • Starting Date. The date of the first game in which the character appeared. By default this will be set to the date on which you created this character sheet.
  • Last Modified. The last date upon which the character was edited.

Below these fields is a detailed history of the character’s experience earnings and expenditures. Clicking the history loads special entries into the menu window and changes the function of some buttons beneath it:

  • Add New Entry. This, the first menu option, creates a new history entry for your records. A window appears in which you may specify the date of the entry, the type of change (earn, spend, lose, un-spend, etc.), the amount of change and the reason for the change.
  • Recent Purchases. This second menu option creates a new history entry in which Grapevine takes a wild guess at the total experience cost of the recent changes you’ve made to the character sheet. Review the cost and the reason closely: Grapevine assumes that all Traits cost experience and that all decreases in Traits are refunded. You may have to correct Grapevine’s guess before committing the entry to the history.
  • Other Standard Experience Awards. The rest of the entries in the menu window are the standard experience awards for your game. These may be edited in the Experience Points window.
  • Add and Remove. These buttons serve familiar functions, adding and removing the history entries you select. Adding an entry always loads a dialog box to confirm the details, while removing an entry always prompts you for confirmation.
  • Edit Entry. Select a history entry and click this button to change its details.
  • Clear History. Click this button to erase the entire experience history. You will be prompted for confirmation.