Home of the Grapevine LARP Administration Utility


Choose “Locations…” to describe the areas where action takes place in your stories. The resulting window has a list on the left of all the locations in your game. You can sort each column by clicking on the column header and it will sort by that column. Click the name of any location to select it. Beside the list are three buttons:

  • Show Location. Displays the Location Card window where you can describe the location.
  • Add Location. After prompting you for a name, a new location is added to the list and selected.
  • Delete Location. Deletes the selected location from the game.

When you select a location and click “Show Location,” a Location Card window appears that functions similarly to the Character Sheet window. It is divided into three different tabs. The fields you’ll find here are the following:

  • Name. The name of the place.
  • Basics Tab
    • Type. The type of location, such as Elysium or Caern.
    • Level. This can describe the level of a caern, Node, freehold, or just the number of Background points used to purchase it.
    • Owner. The location’s owner.
    • Where. The physical location of this place in your setting — as general as “east of the mountains” or as specific as a street address.
    • Appearance. What the location looks like.
  • Security Tab
    • Access. The type of access typical of this site, such as Public or Private.
    • Security Traits. The Trait difficulty an intruder must defeat to bypass the security system.
    • Security Retests. The number of retests the security system can use against the intruder.
    • Security. A description of the rest of the security at the place.
  • Supernatural Tab
    • Totem. The totem spirit (for caerns).
    • Affinity. The location’s spiritual or magical affinity.
    • Gauntlet/Shroud/Banality. The thickness of the local Gauntlet or Shroud, or the Banality level of the site, as appropriate.
    • Moon Bridges/Trods. Mystic links maintained with other sites. Adding or removing a location to this list will also add or remove this location from the other site’s moon bridge/trod list.
    • Umbra/Shadowlands/Dreaming. A description of the Umbral, Shadowland, or Chimerical appearance of the area.
  • Regulars, Notes Tab
    • Regulars. This cross-references all the characters that list this place as a frequented location. Select a character name and click the “Show Character” button to load its character sheet.
    • Notes. Any extra information.
    • Last Modified. The date upon which this location was last edited.