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Maintaining Experience Points

The “Experience Points…” option under the Characters menu displays a window upon which to award and expend character experience points, en masse or individually. Three tabs at the top of the window offer Group Maintenance, Attendance View and Standard Award tools for working with this data.

Note: The Experience Points window and the Player Points window are functionally identical.

Group Maintenance

Visiting the Group tab makes it possible to updates many characters’ experience at once. On the left side of the window is a list of all the characters in your game. Clicking the name of an unselected character will select it, and vice versa. Select the names of all the characters whose experience you want to adjust.

Shortcuts for character selection appear below the list:

  • Select from Search / Select not from Search. These option buttons, and the dropdown list of searches to their right, allow you to select all characters in the game that match or do not match a saved search. Simply select a combination of search and condition, and the corresponding characters will be selected.
  • Select All. Selects all characters in the game.
  • Select None. Deselects all characters in the game.

After you’ve selected characters, the right part of the window is where you will specify the type of change to make. Use the following tools:

  • Standard Experience Award. Choose one of your game’s standard experience awards from the list, and the rest of the information is filled out automatically. Standard experience awards can be edited on the Standard Awards tab.
  • Custom Change to Experience. Specify the type and amount of change to the selected characters’ experience points here. The amount may include decimal portion. The types of change you can make are these:
    • Earn. Add the amount to both the unspent and earned totals.
    • Spend. Subtract the amount from the unspent total.
    • Lose. Deduct the amount from both the unspent and earned totals.
    • Unspend. Add the amount to the unspent total without affecting the earned total.
    • Set Unspent To. Set the unspent total to the given amount.
    • Set Earned To. Set the earned total to the given amount.
  • Comment. Make no change to the experience totals, but add a date-stamped comment to the history.
  • Date. The date of the new experience history entry.
  • Reason. A short description of the reason for the change.
  • Record this Change in the Histories. If you have not selected the Enforce Experience Histories option in your Game Settings, you may deselect this option to simply apply the experience change without making an entry in the experience histories.

All said and done, click the “Change Experience” button in the lower right. Grapevine will ask if you are certain you want to make the given changes to the selected characters’ experience. Click “Yes” to apply the changes.

Attendance View

The Attendance view tab is a second style of group experience point management. With its list of characters, you control who earns standard experience awards on a given date. Despite the name of the tab, you can do this for any standard experience award, not just for attendance.

On the left is a listing of the characters in the game. The first column lists a checkbox beside each character name. If the character has earned the experience award shown on the right, for the date shown on the right, the checkbox is marked. The second column shows the amount of the award, and the third column shows the total amount of experience earned in the month.

Checking the box beside a name will add the selected experience award to the character’s experience history, on the selected date. Un-checking a box will delete the corresponding entry.

The first dropdown list on the right selects the date to examine. You may enter a date in the box by hand if you want to examine the awards given on a non-game date.

The second dropdown list on the right selects the type of standard award to manage. Edit this list and its awards on the Standard Awards tab.

The two option buttons and the third dropdown box beneath them control which characters are displayed in the list. Clicking any column header will sort the list by that column, and clicking twice will reverse the sorting.

In the lower right is a “Show Character History” button. Clicking it will load the character sheet of the currently selected character, and take you directly to its Experience tab.

Standard Awards

The Standard Awards tab is where you create and edit the experience point awards you most commonly use in your game. These awards can be assigned to recipients from the other tabs in the Experience Points window, or added from the menu in any character sheet’s individual experience history (on the Experience tab of the character sheet window).

A list of the names and amounts of the awards appears on the left of the Standard Awards tab. Beneath it is an “Add” button, which creates an award after prompting you for its name, and a “Delete” button, which deletes the award selected from the list.

When you select an award from the list, its information is displayed on the right: its name, its type of amount of change, and a default description of the reason for that change. Edit this information to alter the selected experience award.