Home of the Grapevine LARP Administration Utility

Permanent and Temporary Ratings

The “Perm/Temp Ratings…” command in the Characters menu opens a window where you can manage the permanent and temporary ratings for values that measure them: Willpower, Honor/Glory/Wisdom, Glamour and Banality are common examples. These values are called Temper Traits, or Tempers for short.

The main list in this window displays character names, followed by the permanent and temporary ratings of the Temper being edited, a display of dots, and the difference between the permanent and temporary ratings. You may sort the list by any of these criteria by clicking the corresponding column header. You may also filter characters from the list by using the Search box and options below the list.

First select the Temper you are going to edit from the dropdown list in the upper right. Only characters that have this Temper appear in the main list; if you choose to manage Blood, for example, you won’t see any werewolves listed at left. Various-type characters will never appear in the list: Grapevine manages their Tempers without permanent and temporary ratings.

By default, all the characters listed are checkmarked. Click the mark or double-click the character name to toggle the checkmark off any character you do not want to edit. Grapevine applies the changes you make only to checkmarked characters.

The second dropdown list on the left describes the change you want to make to the temporary rating of the characters’ Tempers. You can increase or decrease the rating, set the rating to a given value, or “fill” the Tempers so that their temporary Traits equal their permanent Traits.

Enter the amount of the change you want to make into the next text box. Two options below this box provide extra control. Selecting “Randomly” changes the number from a single value to an editable range of values, one of which will be randomly chosen to adjust each Temper. Selecting “Go no higher than the permanent rating” ensures that no temporary value will be increased or set higher than its permanent value. In no case will any temporary rating be decreased below zero.

Once you have finished defining the change you want to make, one click of the button labeled “Apply the Change” will adjust all the checkmarked characters listed at left.

Whenever you select a character from the list, Grapevine displays its permanent and temporary Temper ratings in the lower right of the window. Tweak these values yourself to manage the character individually. Clicking the “Show Character” button displays the corresponding character sheet.