Home of the Grapevine LARP Administration Utility


Choose “Rotes…” to describe the rotes that the characters know. A window with a list on the left appears, naming all the rotes in your game. Click the name of any rote to select it and display when the rote was last modified. Three buttons are beside the list:

  • Show Rote. Displays the Rote Card window where you can describe the rote.
  • Add Rote. After prompting you for a name, Grapevine adds a new rote to the list and selects it.
  • Delete Rote. Deletes the selected rote from the game.

Selecting a rote and clicking “Show Rote” will display a window similar to a Character Sheet window. You’ll find the following fields:

  • Name. The name of the rote.
  • Rote Tab
    • Level. The level of the highest sphere in the rote.
    • Duration. How long the rote lasts.
    • Description. A description of the rote and what it does.
    • Spheres. What spheres are necessary to cast the rote.
    • Grades of Success. What the various grades of success will do.
  • In Play
    • Rotes in Play. This cross-references the characters that know this rote. Select a character name and click the “Show Character” button to load its character sheet.
    • Last Modified. The date upon which this rote was last edited.