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Grapevine’s selection of reports and sheets is extensible. If you’ve created custom versions of the default sheets, or if you’ve created a new kind of report entirely using the template language, you can add it to Grapevine from the Templates tab.

At the left of the Templates tab is a list of all the sheets and reports in your game. You can add a new entry by clicking the “Add” button and specifying a name, or you can delete an entry by selecting a name and clicking “Delete.”

Clicking a name will display the template files associated with it to the right. There is one file association for each format: RTF, HTML and plain text. Clicking the Open File icon beside any filename opens a file selection dialog where you can specify a new template file for the given format of the chosen report.

All Grapevine’s template files are by default located in the Program Files\Grapevine\Templates folder. They’re grouped into further subfolders: RTF, HTML and Text.