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Vampire Boons and Status

The “Vampire Boons & Status” command from the Characters menu displays a window specially tailored for the needs of a typical game of Vampire.

Many controls in this window are similar to those of the character sheets.


Click the “Boons” tab to display a list of all the outstanding boons in your game. Click a column header to sort the boons by that value.

Click the “Add New Boon” button to add a new boon to the game, or select a boon from the list and click “Delete Boon” to remove it.

Once you select a boon from the list, you may edit its information in fields below the list:

  • Type. The type of the boon, such as TrivialMinorMajorBlood or Life. Click the field to display choices in the menu list.
  • Due From. The character who owes the boon. Click to edit.
  • Owed To. The character to whom the boon is owed. Click to edit.
  • Date. The date of the boon. Enter a date yourself.
  • Description. A description of the boon you provide.


Click the “Status” tab to display a list of the vampires in your game, including the number of Status Traits they hold, their titles, their clans and their sects. This list may be modified using the Search box and options above it. Click any column header to sort the list by the corresponding value.

Selecting any vampire displays its name, title and Status Traits below the list. You may modify its title and Status Traits just as you would on its character sheet. Clicking the “Show Character” button will display that sheet.