Home of the Grapevine LARP Administration Utility

Working with Player Information

The Players menu in the main Grapevine window offers a number of utilities for managing information about the people who play your game.

Player List Window

Choose “Players…” to summon a window listing all the players in your game. The list of players is at the left. Clicking a name displays some basic information about the player at the right. Three buttons help edit your player list:

  • Show Player. Displays the Player Information window where you can record the player’s contact information.
  • Add Player. After prompting you for a name, a new player is added to the list and selected.
  • Delete Player. Deletes the selected player from the game.

To arrange the listing of players to your liking, click the column header of the item you want to sort by — such as sorting by ID or by Position. You can control whether the sort is ascending or descending by using the up/down buttons to the lower right of the list. If you want to limit the listing — say, only listing active players or only listing the staff of the game — you can select your search from the dropdown box beneath the list, and use the option buttons to its left to describe whether you want to see all characters who fit the search or who don’t fit it.

Player Information Window

Select a name and click “Show Player” to display a Player Information window that functions similarly to the Character Sheet Window. It is divided into three different tabs. The fields you’ll find here are the following:

  • Name. The player’s name can be edited at the top of the window.
  • Identity Tab
    • Position. The staff position of the player, if any.
    • Status. Whether the player is active or inactive.
    • Player ID. The player’s membership or ID number.
    • Phone. The player’s primary phone number.
    • E-Mail. The player’s primary e-mail address.
    • Address. The player’s mailing address.
    • Notes. Any extra information.
  • Characters Tab
    • A list of all the characters this player plays appears here. Select a name and choose “Show Character Sheet” to open the corresponding character sheet window.
  • Player Points (PP) Tab
    • This area displays the current unspent and earned totals of player points associated with the player, as well as a history of their earnings and expenditures. The tools on this tab function identically to those of the Experience Tab in a character sheet window.
    • Last Modified. The date upon which the player information was last edited.

Maintaining Player Points

Player points are a number of generic “points” associated with each player in the game. While many Storytellers will have no use for player points, they can fulfill several possible roles. Some games may use this field to record prestige or member class; others may use it to record “service points” rewarded for helping set up and clean up, playing NPCs, and bringing snacks.

Choosing “Player Points…” from the “Players” menu will load a maintenance window. This window may be used to make adjustments to many players’ points all at once, or to keep detailed records of where and when players earned and spent their points. Using this maintenance window is functionally identical to maintaining characters’ experience points.

Sending E-Mail to Players

This feature enables you to send an e-mail message to a selection of the players in your game, just like sending character sheets and reports. The main difference in using this feature is that the only information you send are the message and attachments: no character sheets or reports are sent.

If you have not set up your SMTP server before using this feature, you will be prompted to do so as described in the “Sending E-Mail” section.