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New Users

  • Download
  • Unzip its contents into a folder. If your computer doesn’t know what to do with a .zip file, you’ll need to download a program like Winzip to open in.
  • Run the Setup program and follow the instructions. The software will install and create a Grapevine folder under your Start menu.
  • Remember to visit the Help pages if you have any problems. Enjoy!

Grapevine 3.01 Source Code

  • I wrote Grapevine in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. It shows its age. I began writing it early in my college career, well before good design practices had taken hold. As my skill improved I tried here and there to re-engineer it up to snuff, but some architecture was too fundamental to excise. As a result, you’ll see all manner of strangeness in the code.
  • Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
  • Download and unzip it into a folder. Have fun tinkering, but remember —
  • I offer this code as-is without support. I won’t help you make the changes you want or answer questions about how it works. You’re on your own.

For E-mail Features

  • Grapevine 3.0 has the ability to e-mail character sheets to players and other reports to narrators, but most antivirus programs suspect that this functionality is a mass-mailing Trojan Horse virus. It has been disabled in the download above.
  • Download if you do want to use Grapevine’s e-mail functions.
  • Install it in the usual fashion, but you may have to disable your antivirus program before you do.

All Grapevine Files

Grapevine 3.0 Files
File Size Date Description 3.9M 15-May-2005 The complete installation for Grapevine 3.0.1 . E-Mail functionality has been disabled. 1.2M 31-Dec-2005 The complete source code for Grapevine 3.0.1 .
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
I offer this code as-is and without any offer to help anyone modify it. 4.0M 03-Jan-2004 The complete installation for Grapevine 3.0, Revision 0. This version has e-mail functionality, but it sets off alarms in antivirus programs. 260K 03-Jan-2004 This is the Grapevine Menus.gvm file that Grapevine uses to create the menus of data from which you construct characters. This also includes the Dark Ages menu file. Download this if you’ve accidentally customized your menus to death. 146K 18-May-2003 These are the HTML, RTF and Plain Text template files that accompany Grapevine. Again, use this file in case you’ve edited your template files past the point of functioning. 12K 03-Jan-2004 These are the .gex files of items and rotes that are included with Grapevine.: New Game Items.gex, Fetishes and Talens.gex, Artifacts and Devices.gex, Rotes.gex, and Dark Ages Arsenal.gex. 195K 26-Oct-2003 The Grapevine NPC Library, a collection of nearly 200 characters you can mine for ideas and stats to incorporate into your own NPCs.