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Character Sheet Basics

Grapevine has many different character sheet windows, each of which can hold multiple pages of information. Rather than go over each field of each window, this is an overview of the common features you’ll find. Character Name. This appears at the top of every character sheet window. Click the “Name” button beside it to rename the […]

Printing and Saving Character Sheets and Reports

All the information Grapevine organizes is of limited use to a Storyteller if it remains in the game file. That’s where printing, saving and e-mailing documents come in. Grapevine offers literally dozens of different character sheets and reports in three different formats. This chapter describes how to select exactly the kind of output you want […]


Grapevine’s selection of reports and sheets is extensible. If you’ve created custom versions of the default sheets, or if you’ve created a new kind of report entirely using the template language, you can add it to Grapevine from the Templates tab. At the left of the Templates tab is a list of all the sheets and reports […]