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Working with Characters

Maintaining character information is one of the most detail-oriented tasks that face a Storyteller, but Grapevine eases the task by organizing all the data within a few mouse-clicks’ reach. Character List Window This window, reached via “Character Sheets…” from the Characters menu, is your starting point for entering and maintaining character information. The list of […]

Character Sheet Basics

Grapevine has many different character sheet windows, each of which can hold multiple pages of information. Rather than go over each field of each window, this is an overview of the common features you’ll find. Character Name. This appears at the top of every character sheet window. Click the “Name” button beside it to rename the […]

Experience Histories

Every character sheet also has a tab labeled “XP.” Clicking this tab displays the character’s current and unspent experience totals above a history of all its earnings and expenditures. Note: The Experience tab is functionally identical to the Player Points tab in a Player Information window, only with a few more character-specific fields and menu options. […]

Counting Points on a Character

On the Experience tab of each character sheet is a small button labeled “Point Counting Aid.”  Click it to open a window designed to help with this task. The point counting window opens with a list on the left of all the numbers on the sheet.  It guesses the number of points spent on Physical […]

Searching for Characters

The “Search for Characters…” command in the Characters menu displays a window you can use to find characters meeting complex search criteria. You could search for all characters with a Generation lower than ten, Media Influence of at least three, or theNightmares Flaw, for example. At the top of the window is a dropdown list of saved searches. […]